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SamsonWe adopted “Hachi” in New York last June. He has become such a perfect part of our family. His name is Samson and he is full of character! He loves to spend time at the dog park or snuggling on the couch with us. Thanks for giving us our sweet boy!


dallas3 yrs later.. Approx. birth 12/06/12 called…”Dallas” (once called Spencer) I had picked him up in a foster home in DE. He is a fabulous dog and Buddy. He Loves Me, his Ball and Agility, and excels in this sport. So many agility competitors have asked about him and his breed. He is admired for his good physical look.
He is very healthy, (about 40-42lbs) and 20 1/2″ measured for agility. We love him dearly, and he still lives with his 2 sisters. Our Dalmatian, Hannah 8yrs. and Our Doxie, Rosie now 15 yrs.

I hope you get this…and enjoy hearing about a puppy saved and landed a “great” home…who will always have whatever is needed.


Gunner RemingtonPuppy 2, his name is Gunner Remington Beckwith and he is amazing. He is such a great little guy. Happy, handsome and playful. I wanted to send a thank you to you and your organization. I am so impressed with what you do and thankful for saving my handsome fella. I wanted to send you a picture and let you know his check up went very well he is healthy and growing.

Gunner Remington

Sherman_nutcrackerMy husband and I feel so fortunate to have been able to welcome Sherman (formerly known as nutcracker) into our family as he has brought so much joy into our lives. Thank you so much for giving Sherman the opportunity to find his forever home with us!

(Adopted in early December from East Coast Adoption – Transported from Alabama to Sherburne, NY)


evan-1I just wanted to give you a quick update on Evan. He is now 6 months old and quite a ham- he loves the outdoors he prefers to sit on the lawn and smell the roses of his great life – he loves to travel and he loves to hike in the woods-he has learned to walk on a leash, sit (sit on command and using hand signals) he can jump up for a treat and is learning paw and down. He loves kids and playing with his brother Adam. Thank you again for such a great new friend and family member he is a joy!


caliShe’s doing really well. We renamed her Cali, after California sunshine. We have an older golden retriever, Molly, and they get along great. Cali has been to the vet and is going for her next set of shots next week. She’s in puppy training, and knows sit, down, watch me, drop, and leave it. We’re working with potty training, and she’s pretty good on the leash. I’ve attached some pictures. Thank you!


reeceHI all. We adopted Reece 1 month ago and she has really completed our family. She is getting so big (that’s relative of course) and is really finding her personality. My girls think she is their little sister. We just love her so much!

hurleyHad a Christmas card with Hurley on it set aside for you, but couldn’t find your address Here are some recent pictures of our girl, she is doing great and getting lots of love! She is almost 50 lbs. and well behaved. She loves the backyard and going for car rides and walks. We took her for a car ride to Branchbrook Park a couple weeks ago for the Cherry Blossom festival (about 2 hours in the car) and she was awesome! Loved the park and traveling around! She looooooves Burke and is always all over him:) He can’t wait to take her swimming again this summer! Hope you are doing well!

nalaWe adopted Nala in November. We can’t imagine our lives without her now! She is so fun and loves playing with us and our cats. We are so glad we adopted her! Here is a picture from the week we got her next to a picture taken yesterday, she is getting so big!


pepperHere’s a picture of Pepper (aka, Aubrey) — she did well her first night here, just had to go outside once. Today she’s getting a taste of what it means to be a mascot for us while we work!


flynnI can’t even begin to thank you for bring Flynn into our lives. He is such a good boy. Gentle.


kotaWe could not be more in love with this new addition to our family. We adopted Kota (formerly Butterscotch) 4 weeks ago today! She is the sweetest little girl, and loves to cuddle with us and with her big sister, Cali. We were surprised with how well behaved she is, and she has been the perfect addition to our little family. When we got her, they told us she was a lab mix, but we think she is probably a plott hound mixed with a chocolate lab due to her coloring. We can’t wait to watch her grow and learn in coming years! Thank you so much for giving us such a precious gift!

Christin, Zac, Cali, and Kota

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